Tumblr Break! 

  1. colorfulmetaphors said: Don’t feel bad! I hope you sort everything out, and good luck!!
  2. astudyinpanic said: aw I’m gonna miss you darling!!! I hope you’ll manage to sort things out soon, and if you need me, you know where to find my ask! *HUGS*
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  4. proof-that-emotions-destroy said: We’ll miss you! Take all the time you need!
  5. not-quitenormal said: Take all the time you need. I hope everything gets better for you. :)
  6. zestychille said: Come back and feel better soon!
  7. gryffinwhore said: YOU WILL BE MISSED DARLING
  8. joelmchle said: good luck with everything Vicky, i love you :) <3 hope you feel all better after a break
  9. onsereverra said: hey, take care of yourself. we’ll all be here ready and waiting when you get back. c: do whatever you need to get in the right mindset again. we love you. <3
  10. hesmyraggedydoctor said: Have a nice break :)